Monday, September 1, 2008


I finished the cocoon!

This one is tiny, and will eventually be donated to a baby who needs it. I now have a great plan for making larger ones! There is not really a pattern for these - I reverse engineered it. A big one has been requested, so I'll reveal more details as they come...

Here is the cocoon. This is a Beanie Baby inside it, in order to show the size.

I've started the pink and green ripple. I'll post pictures as the pattern and the colors show up, and as the requester gives me to go-ahead with the afghan. I like to make sure 'clients' (whom I consider to be more friends than clients) get exactly what they want.

I really look forward to these upcoming projects. After these two, I'll be working on Baby E's candy corn Trick or Treat bag! It is such a cute pattern.

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Mandy said...

Cute! And I cannot WAIT to see the candy corn treat sack! :)