Friday, August 29, 2008

2 more completed!

Yeah! I completed two more projects today!

I decided I needed a sunflower wreath for my front door, and bought the stuff about almost two weeks ago. After staring at the stuff for that long, I decided to put it together today. It is my first wreath ever, and I'm happy with the results. Mom made the bow, and provided the floral wire. I'm still a little bow challenged, so thanks mom! It's not perfectly fluffed here, but looks great on our door. I'm currently looking for a black door hangar, because the silver doesn't quite match.

I also finished the granny square baby afghan. The photos are from far away, a mid distance, then close up.

I am really happy with it, and will be making more of these, experimenting with color, and yarn. I'll also be making a tag for it (with washing instructions) and a card, so I'll post the completed set, when that happens.

Next in line to be finished is the tiny baby cocoon, and then a pink and green 'custom' afghan. I'm thinking it may be a ripple, but am keeping an open mind. I will also be completing some washcloths for my college roommate, and her little girl, as well as my mother-in-law.

Want an afghan? Want something else you've seen on this blog? Email me! You pick the color(s), and the pattern!

Have a great weekend!

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