Sunday, May 31, 2009

I learned... knit! Yes, knit.

At the suggestion of friendly folks on Ravelry, I went out and bought some circular needles. I found a size 8, bought some cotton yarn, and went to town on a stockinette stitch swatch. Since I can't stand to make a swatch with no purpose, I decided it would end up being a washcloth for either myself, or my daughter. It is vareigated pinks and white, so I'm thinking my husband won't take it to bathe with!

I'm excited to have finally figured it out. Now, on to a more complicated pattern. I'm trying to finish up my doily, and the Banana Split dress for my daughter before diving into a whole slew of new projects, but we'll see how that works out...

Did you notice the new gadget in the right sidebar? These are my 'in progress' knit and crochet projects, and it updates automatically as I update Ravelry (which I actually keep very current). I think it's a really cool feature, especially if someone orders something - they can watch the progress of their item(s)! As items are completed, they will come off my sidebar, and move into the flickr box below the in progress projects.

I'm bummed I can't post pictures right now, but will get one up of my washcloth as soon as I can.

Happy almost June!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mom's Mother's Day

For my mom for Mother's Day, my sister and I, and our kids made a hand print quilt/wall-hanging for our mom. Here it is!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thank You

Thank you so much for your prayers regarding Sweet E's second DOC Band. God has heard our prayers, and the insurance company has approved it. They will pay 100%. God is so good!

We went to the beach last week, and I found out that our camera doesn't appreciate being dunked into the ocean - even if it was to save a toddler from the waves. So for now, pictures are a thing of the past, unless my camera is re-vivable, or until I buy another. On a stay at home mom's income, I'm not sure when that will be.

I completed a scarf, and started Sweet E's pink dress (and got about halfway done). I also began crocheting a doily. Hopefully, I'll find time soon to continue these projects.

Thank you again for your prayers!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

DOC Band Update

Just a quick update - the insurance company still hasn't made their decision on whether to cover Sweet E's second DOC Band. We're supposed to get an answer by Wednesday of this week, so please continue to pray.

We'll be on vacation for the next week, so I'll update as soon as I can.

While on vacation, I plan to get quite a bit of crocheting done, and hope to have lots to share when we return.

Thank you for your prayers.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


There are several blogs that I read where families, especially babies and children, need prayer due to illness. So, I've been led to pray for these children and families I don't even know. Why, I though, should I not ask for prayer too, for my daughter. I'm shameless, but please know this post is written with a humble heart.

Our 14 month old was fitted for a DOC Band back in December to help with the flat spot on her head (plagiocephaly) she was born with. Due to the flat spot, the opposite side of her face (the left) is slightly sunken in. Her eye is set a little back from her right, and her left ear is further back than the right. The band helps direct growth into those areas, to help her face/head shape correctly. Please note that these 'imperfections' aren't that noticeable to people who aren't trained to look for it. I can see it, only because the therapist points it out to me. If her flat spot and face aren't corrected, it can eventually lead to TMJ (jaw misalignment), and could cause problems if she ever need glasses. These aren't super serious problems, mind you, but we want to give Sweet E every chance we can.

We went through 4 months of treatment, and in April, she outgrew the band. It had helped, but not to the extent we'd hoped, due to slowed growth rates. So, for this reason, she needs band #2. Here is where you come in. Our insurance company has been dragging its feet making the decision whether to cover the cost of her second band or not. They keep requesting additional information, and at this point, I really don't know what they could be lacking. They now say they'll make a decision by this coming Friday, May 8. Please pray that they'll cover the cost of the band. They are literally reviewing her case as I write this.

If it's not meant to be that they cover the cost, God has a reason. However, I know if they do cover it, it is literally an act of God. Insurance companies commonly don't even pay for band #1, but ours told us a month ago that they should pay, even for band 2. They only told us though - they didn't confirm they would. In the world of insurance telling and doing are two different things.

I'll continue to keep you updated, but would appreciate any prayers on Sweet E's behalf.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thought of the day

Just a thought for the day - you know what makes me crazy? When people refer to a complete change as a 360 degree turnaround. That's not a turnaround. That's a circle, and you end up right where you begin.

A turnaround, as in the opposite, is 180 degrees.

So, is there something people say that you just shake you head at? Leave a comment and share your thoughts :)