Friday, September 26, 2008

Repair services needed!

Baby E and I went on a walk one brisk morning this week. To keep her little toes warm, I grabbed an afghan my mom made for her. I hooked it to the stroller, so she couldn't kick it on the ground - or so I though. Halfway through our walk, the stroller wheel locked up. I stopped walking right away, and realized I had run over the corner of the afghan, and had managed to scuff it up, and rip one stitch. Here is the damage. Doesn't look too bad, right?

Wrong! Once I began ripping the stitches out in order to repair it, I ended up having to take out three rows. Here is the beginning of the repair work. Please keep in mind, one row had already been repaired in this picture! Oh no! What a mess.

I've abandoned the repairs until today. My goal is to have them finished tonight. I'll post pictures of the results.

Coincidentally, my neighbor asked if I repair afghans. She has a crocheted bedspread her great grandmother made years ago. I took a look at it, and really feel that I can fix it for her. If I do, I'll post pictures. It is beautiful.

The pink and green afghan now has a new home. It has been delivered, and will be given as a gift. I loved this afghan, especially when it was completed. I more than likely wouldn't ever have made a ripple of this color combo, but I think it is so cute! These are the colors that mom-to-be is using in the nursery. I think it will be adorable, and will definitely revisit this combo!

I include a tag with washing instructions, and another with my contact information, in case repairs are ever needed. :) I like to use matching ribbon to tie the tags on with, and also wash the finished product in baby friendly detergent, so it is literally ready for use!

Here's the finished product.

If you need repairs for any reason, whether or not I'm the one who originally crocheted the product, please let me know. I'll be happy to take a look, and see if I can help out. We've had a variety of reasons for needed repairs in our family - a rambunctious puppy, rogue scissors, a hungry washing machine, and a mommy who can't drive a stroller. Email me at

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