Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Whole Wheat Spaghetti

Another project in life is to eat a little healthier. A while ago, on a whim, I bought whole wheat spaghetti noodles. They've sat in my pantry ever since, eyeing me. Every time I fix spaghetti, they called my name, but I was concerned about my husband's reaction to what I thought would be 'grainy' pasta. Last week was spaghetti night again, and I didn't have enough 'normal' noodles to cook with, so I took a deep breath, and grabbed the whole wheat.

As the noodles cooked, they smelled so good - like baking bread. My husband even asked what smelled so good. We sat down to eat, and both agreed this was the best spaghetti ever, and not grainy at all. I'm sold on the idea, and will now be serving whole wheat turkey spaghetti in my house.

The moral of the story? I should branch out more often and try new foods. I've been trying to vary our menu a little by trying new things, and I've been thrilled with the results - so has my husband. He's happy not to eat the same things all the time.

As I find new recipes I love, I'll share them with you.

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Mandy said...

Drew is a difficult one on things like whole wheat. He's learning, though. :) I like it, too! Unfortunately, I've become one of those crazy hippie grocery shoppers! Yep, the organics, Earth Fare, farmer's markets... I make baby food instead of buying it...even the cereals. But it's natural and it's good for you. Not to mention how great the food is! :) Good for you guys on the pasta! :)