Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Busy Day

Hi again! I've had a productive day, and wanted to share. I completed the yellow brick stitch afghan. It's completed size is appx 40 in x 36 in. It's a little larger than I usually make -I got carried away :) This is the same stitch as the pink afghan posted earlier.

I also completed a little tiny hat on a small round knitting loom. It is to be donated to the hospital for a tee tiny little baby. It was the first hat I've made on this particular loom, so I was interested to see exactly how small the hat would be. I've put it on a large lemon to show the size.

Have a happy Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Hey girl, you have just amazed me with your talent. I love seeing what you have been working on but I love even MORE being able to see how much baby E is growing and changing. Enjoy every moment b/c before you know it she will be grown. Just ask me P, turned 30 today.....I have been checking out both blogs and think they are great. Keep up the good work and keep in touch! Aunt C

Mandy said...

Is it crazy that I think the lemon wearing the hat is cute?? ;)