Thursday, July 31, 2008


Hi again!

I've returned from vacation, and didn't get nearly as much crocheting done as I planned. Oh well. The first half of the week, I read The Shack. It was really interesting, and I'll be reading it again, this time, with a highlighter and a pen. It had some great points and quotes in it!
While at our family reunion, one of my cousins brought my baby a gift (she's now 5 1/2 mths old). So, what do you do when someone brings you an unexpected gift, you're 30 minutes from the nearest store that sells any sort of baby gift, gas is $4/gal, and you have a bag full of yarn and a crochet hook? You make a gift! Here is what I came up with:

I made the two wash cloths with Bernat's Baby Coordinates, and my grandmother came up with the 'packaging' of them (inspired by napkins in a napkin ring). We happened to have a few basic stamp supplies with us, so I stamped the little tag which says 'A little something just for you.'
After completing the gift, I made this purple wash cloth. I completed the pink one this morning.
I still didn't work on my major UFO (unfinished object). I'm determined to work on it again, and I'll be posting pictures on the progress. Here's a hint: it's a braided afghan. It's a little bigger than I anticipated it would be, so it's quite intimidating.
I'm also determined to work on, and finish, my quilt. I'll be pressing the fabric (again) in the next few days. My cutter is at mom's house though, but I'll pick it up on Friday. After I cut the fabric and sew my backing, I'll take it all back over to mom's to baste it. I got this spray on basting stuff, and mom and dad have a big, open floor where I can lay everything out to spray and pin it. I'll then attempt to machine quilt it myself. We'll see how that goes!

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