Thursday, August 28, 2008

My First Granny

Caroline, over at labpugglechi, is working on her first granny squares afghan, and is brought back lots of memories...

Back when I first started to crochet, I got a granny squares pattern from a co-worker. I thought it looked 'fun.' Great! Another project! Woohoo! I promptly went yarn shopping, and came home with between 6 and 8 skeins of yarn. Do you realize that's over one and a half MILES of yarn? Yes, miles. Like the same distance the grocery store is from my house. I was in heaven in all that yarn.

In the meantime, I started a new job. I had to study for 1 month to get a securities license at this job, before I actually started working. In between practice tests, reading, etc, I would crochet granny squares. I crocheted, and crocheted and crocheted. I didn't think I'd ever get enough squares made. I needed something like 360. Keep in mind these are about 3 inches by 3 inches. Of course, I got tired of that afghan and stopped working on it. A couple years later, I resumed work, and realized I'd learned a lot about crochet while I was away. I realized every single square I'd completed to date was going to come unraveled because I hadn't tied them correctly. Eventually I got the squares made, and sewn together.

Into the washer the afghan went, and out of the dryer it came -with lots of holes. My squares had started to unravel , and my strips separated from one another. After numerous repairs, here we are today. I drug the afghan out of a box this week to display it with my others. Of course, I found 4 holes. I repaired them last night, and took a picture of it this morning, so I could show it to you, and lo and behold, while folding it to put on my quilt rack, I found another hole. So, as soon as I post this, another hole is getting repaired.

Whatever, at least it's done, and here it is!

Caroline has posted several of her squares, and I think her afghan will be very pretty!

Here is a peek of my Unfinished Object, the braided afghan:

I've been busy working on a baby gift, which is why there's been a lack of posting. I'm also working on the baby cocoon, and have had another request for an afghan. The gift afghan is a giant granny square, and just needs a border on two sides, which I hope to complete tomorrow. I'll post a picture when it's completed!

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