Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Not meant to be

I really don't think my Waffle stitch knit dishcloth is meant to be. I've frogged more on this cloth, and considering it's a dishcloth, that's absurd. I'm persisting though.

Anyway, I began a knit preemie hat, but that didn't work out (it was big enough to fit me, thanks to a stretchy cast on), so it got frogged. I really will make one, one of these days. I'm going to attempt the double pointed needles next, but it's a bit intimidating to me to think I'm going to have to keep up with 4 needles at a time. Ahh!

I will also be crocheting 2 candy corn trick or treat bags that have been requested. I'll post pictures as I can - probably when I complete them both.

I'll may also attempt yarn dyeing tomorrow, as my dad helped (ok he did most of the work, but I did a little) me build a Niddy Noddy today. What is that, you may ask? Details to follow in a yarn dyeing post. Dad also helped me make a drop spindle today, as I'd like to see how I like spinning my own yarn. I'm quickly understanding why handspun and hand dyed yarns are so expensive.

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