Sunday, August 2, 2009

All kinds of creations

I've been up to all kinds of stuff the last two weeks.
July 20 we left for vacation. Upon arrival, we unloaded the car in the pouring down rain. After the torrential downpour let up though, we had beautiful weather the rest of the week! We spent the first several days stringing, breaking, and canning beans. My grandmother also gave my sister and I a pickle recipe, so I've made some, and we're waiting to see what they taste like.

I also worked on quite a few projects.

I made a couple coffee cozies which will soon be for sale in a local coffee shop,
a little bag for Sweet E to carry small toys in (coffee cup there for size reference),
and a cloth for her to chew on to soothe sore gums, and busted lips (that's why it is black, and not a cute girly color.)

I also began some Bloomers for Sweet E to wear with her Pink dress I just completed, and completed a poncho/shawl for her too, except for adding buttons (the same one my grandma started.)

I've also started a Ballband knit Dishcloth, and will be starting to knit a dress for Sweet E - yes, another dress.

Another project was a cosmetic bag I crocheted for my best friend for her birthday.

I received my Knit Picks needle order, and love them! They have great customer service too, and I'll definitely order from them in the future.

When I arrived home from vacation, not only had my Knit Picks order arrived, but so had my swap package! This is what my swap partner sent me. What an awesome package! There were 2 balls of Peaches and Creme yarn, two, yes, two, sets of bamboo sock needles, two dishcloths and one pot holder.


Connie said...

You have some neat projects on your needles and I love your coffee cozies! Love pickles too but never tried to can any, so good luck to you. See you soon!

Mandy said...

Very Creative!! Wish I was a little more crafty but I do try : )
Cute blog!

Aura said...

Hi Amanda - It was so nice to meet you and I'm glad you also document all or most of your projects in this blog. I enjoyed very much reading your blog and will definitely stay in touch with you this way. If my daughter has a baby girl, I should make a one of the dresses you have made for yours. Have a great week.