Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Coffee anyone?

I've been quite busy the last couple week working on coffee cozies, and my knitting.

My Knit Nuts knit and crochet group was asked by the owner (of the coffee shop we meet at) if the group would make coffee cozies for her to sell on consignment there in the shop. Between everyone in the group, we had a large number of cozies up for sale, so I only left 6 of the 14 I crocheted. Here is a picture of all 14.

Some are very basic, and some are more unique. If you see one you want, or want to to custom make you one, email me!
I've completed my first Ballband dishcloth. I made it of Peaches and Creme cotton, and have fallen in love with it. My husband and I are planning to stop by the Peaches and Creme outlet store this Friday while we travel, and I'm trying to figure out how to limit my spending!

I enjoyed making it so much, that I've cast on a Waffle Stitch dishcloth. Another member of Knit Nuts showed of a precious blanket she made in Waffle Stitch, and I just had to make a cloth.
A group I belong to on Ravelry is doing a preemie project, and we're seeing how many objects we can knit for preemies between now and October. So far, I've only cast on one hat, and am determined to complete it, even though I'm frustrated with it already.
I've fallen in love with my Knit Picks interchangeable knitting needles, and now, I want to complete set, and additional cables. Considering the set is almost $70, I'll save my pennies... I'd also like to try some of their yarn I've heard nice things about.
I've also gotten the itch to try spinning and dyeing my own yarn. I purchased the items I need to make a drop spindle and a niddy noddy (which created skeins of yarn). I can't wait to see the results of my dyeing attempts!
Sweet E's Toddler bloomers are almost completed, but I have decided I don't like them. I'm so close to completing them though, so I hate to completely frog them. But, when she grows big enough to wear them, she won't actually need bloomers. So, what to do. Hmm...

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Connie said...

Your ballband looks great! I'm sorry you couldn't put all of your cozies in the shop, we all just are so talented huh! LOL Have fun at the Sugar and Cream outlet!