Sunday, November 2, 2008


Mom and I made Baby E's pumpkin costume this year, and I really enjoyed the sewing project! I can't wait to make the dress I've bought fabric for. I'll need mom's help with that too :) Here is her pumpkin, hat, and candy corn bag.

Thanks to Krissa for the encouragement, and the pointers on the pumpkin.

I have begun the beige ripple afghan, and as usual, love this pattern. Tonight, I also made a wreath centerpiece for Christmas, for our kitchen table. Here it is, sans bow. I'll post another pic once that is added. I may need to reposition some of the poinsettias once I see the bow. I thought it looked plain, and didn't realize I had forgotten the bow until I sat down to post the pic! Oh well, no big deal.
I don't have any crafts for Thanksgiving planned, but am looking for ideas!

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Mandy said...

The wreath is nice..... but the PUMPKIN steals the show!!!!