Monday, June 30, 2008

In the Beginning

What, you may ask, inspired me to learn to crochet? It began when I was a baby:

My Great-grandmother (on mom's side of the family) crocheted the new babies in the family afghans. Every time we went to her house she sat in her recliner and crocheted. I loved my blanket (the original one is on the left), and carried it until I made holes in it. She them made me a replacement (right), but I wouldn't use it. The center one was also an attempt at a replacement, but again, I refused. That's not what won me over though...

Fast forward about 18 years. My grandmother (Dad's mom) crocheted all four granddaughters a queen sized afghan (pictured below). I was fascinated, but never thought I could learn.

Several years later, my grandmother taught my mom to crochet. Mom picked it up right away. My mom attempted to teach me, after I watched her crochet for about 6 months. That didn't work well. Mom and I are so much alike, we both got frustrated. I gave up. Another 6 months or so later, my grandmother came to stay with us for a week. While she was with us, I asked her to teach me. She did, and I actually caught on. That night, I began my very first afghan (pictured below).

It is a brick stitch, and here's a close up of it:

Since then, I've made countless afghans and other items. Some I've given as gifts, some I sold, some I kept, and others, I've donated to charity.

If you would like one of something you see, please let me know: Items can be made in any color, and any type of yarn.

More pictures of other projects will follow soon!

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