Monday, June 9, 2008

Bumps in the Road

Thanks very much to Cousin M, who helped me figure out my issues with leaving blog comments. The issue is now corrected, and if you notice something else wrong, you can now comment, and let me know! :)

I didn't get the yellow afghan finished this weekend, but hope to have it completed soon. I did though, get to work on one of my scrapbooks. It's one a friend gave to us when Baby E was born. It's the kind where you choose you pictures, and stick them on the pre-designed pages. I've never considered doing one of these before, but I'm changing my mind. I'm finally getting my pictures together, and have now completed 3 pages. Here they are:

I've always made pages from 'scratch' before, but guess what? Baby E is almost 4 months old, and I haven't even begun her album. That a bad mommy I am. I'm also the type of girl who is a paper addict. I have to have the perfect paper for each page. So, it takes me about an hour just to pick out 1 sheet. I'm not kidding. This album though, has saved me! I'm doing the 'highlights' here, and her other album will be more comprehensive - whenever I get to it, that is! I pick up more pictures tomorrow, so I'll be completing additional pages soon.

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