Monday, November 23, 2009

Crafty Madness!

Has it seriously been three weeks since I last posted?  I've been working away on my Christmas crafting, and have lost track of time.  Again.  However, I've been forced to put things for me away, and work on things for others.  Not that I mind, but at the end of the day, I'd like to eventually have something to keep.  When the new year arrives, I will be making things for me and my family to enjoy, and hopefully be able to get some charity items made.

I've finally got my Etsy shop up and running!  Currently, the only items listed are coffee cozies, but it's a start.  I have several scarves and afghans I will list for sale soon - I just need to take picutes of them! 

Speaking of taking pictures, YammaDaddy bought me my birthday and Christmas present this past weekend - a Nikon D3000!  Woohoo!  I'm loving it!  Yes, my birthday is in December.  Yes, I've already opened my gift.  No, I don't feel guilty. :) 

A friend of mine is having a baby, and is due Jan 1.  She likes small afghans for her kids, and I usually make her 2 - one for her child to hang on to, and one for the laundry.  She swaps them out, and her youngest son never knows his 'night night' is being washed.  Sneaky, and a great idea!  I have afghan #1 made for the new baby, and as soon as I finish a chemo cap for my friend who just started treatments, I'll get busy with baby afghan #2.  I will also be making her youngest (well, he's currently the youngest!) 2 replacement afghans since he loved his other two to death.  Quite literally.  I love it that he loves his blankies so much!

I'm still baffled by the lack of spell check on this new Blogger composer, so if you find it, let me know!  Even though posting photos is SO much better now, I may have to switch back to the old style, just to have spell check. 


bobbins said...

wow! A new camera! I am so happy for you. My camera quit working. boo hiss. So will see if I can borrow my sister's again. It is sweet of her to let me use her "spare" but the quality isn't quite there.

What a great idea to make 2 identical blankets for a baby. wash one, snuggle one!

confirmation word: suplei
a super lei???

Aura said...

Hi Amanda congratulations on opening your Etsy store. What a wonderful gift! You have been a busy momma and crafter. Hey about spell checking if you highlight a word that is misspelled and then right click you get some suggestions for correct spelling.