Sunday, November 1, 2009

Knitting up a Storm

I've been knitting up a storm lately, and can't wait to show you, but you'll have to wait!  I'm working on a LOT of Christmas gifts, and don't want to give away all the surprise.  I also don't want to bore you with a bazillion pictures of dishcloths.  I'll take a group shot when I make more progress.  I've knit 4 dishcloths this week alone. 

I will also be crocheting baby afghans for a friend of mine.  One is for her new baby, expected in late December/early January, and another is a replacement for her 4 year old son.  He has absolutely worn his afghans to the points they're threadbare, and it warmed my heart to know he has enjoyed them so.  However, it broke my heart thinking he may be afghan-less soon.  We can't have that now can we?!? 

I took picture of my Etsy items last night, and hope to post them this week.  I'm starting off with a few scarves and coffee cozies. 

On an unrelated note, does anyone know where the spell check button is on this new Blogger editor?  I am usually quite computer-savvy, but I'm at a loss...

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Aura said...

I have not notice a speller on the blogger editor. I think you can highlight a word and right click to check your spelling. By the way, have you switched to the new editor? It is great. I have made some cocoons and crochet cloths while away from home.