Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Projects Galore

I've been so busy working on projects!

I finally took the few minutes required and ran the ribbon though Sweet E's pink dress. I tacked it to the dress with hidden stitches, so the ribbon will stay in place. She wore her bloomers with it, but they were a little big, so I had to run a string through the waist and tie them. It worked out, and she was able to wear them, but I'd like to make her a smaller pair. I have a lot of projects now, so I'm not sure when/if the bloomers will be completed. Here's her finished dress.

I'm very happy with the dress, and love it on her. It fits very nicely.

I also took a few minutes and sewed the buttons on the white baby poncho, so now it is ready to wear.

I have also started working on Sweet E's 3-D Teddy Bear afghan again, and realizing how much work I have ahead of me, actually considered for a day or two just throwing away what I've done (or just making a tiny afghan of just the flower motifs) and being down with it all, so I can move on to projects that interest me more. However, I really want to finish this afghan, and hate to get rid of the work I've done thus far. I've pretty much decided to make it smaller than the pattern calls for, but that's still a lot of work.

I added several projects to my queue today - a knit dress for Sweet E, a crochet cardigan for me, and a baby afghan that has been commissioned. All of these on top of all the projects I'm making for Christmas. I'm to the point I'm so overwhelmed I don't know where to start, and I'm losing valuable time just thinking of all the work I have to do.


bobbins said...

E is so cute in her pretty dress - look at that smile!

Aura said...

Hope you bring this dress to the next Knit Nuts meeting. It's so beautiful.

Mandy said...

Amanda, this is beyond GORGEOUS!!!

Shandeh said...

That dress is absolutely perfect, and she wears it WELL! You are both blessed with each other. :)

Erin Wallace said...

This dress is beautiful. In my family, we have a 9 month old sized dress like this that my great grandmother made. Every female in our family gets her photo taken in it when they are 9 months old with a different color ribbon that is the same as their mother's color. So your dress is especially lovely to me.