Friday, September 4, 2009

Peaches & Creme

Back in August, we traveled through Old Fort, NC and I begged (ahead of time) to stop. Why stop in a tiny town nestled near the base of a mountain? To visit Pisgah Yarn and Dyeing Company, home of Peaches & Creme yarn! P&C, for short, is 100% cotton yarn that is spun and dyed in NC, and is made of all USA manufactured materials. Talk about stimulating the economy - I tried to do my share!

P&C can be confused with Sugar 'n Cream, which is also 100% cotton yarn. Sugar 'n Cream is manufactured in and imported from Canada. SnC seems to be in the big chain craft stores, while P&C is a little more challenging to find. A few limited colors can be found at Wal-Mart, but for their most delicious colors, you have to search a little. When I found this out, and learned that we'd be driving right past the mill and outlet store, the begging, pleading, and good behavior began :)

YammaDaddy didn't really make me beg, and we stopped by the mill. I only had 30 minutes to decide what I wanted to 'adopt', make my list, ask the guys to go pull my order, and pay. Whew! I wasn't prepared for this, and now know what to expect next time. Oh yes, and there will be a next time! Here are my treasures from this expedition, and believe it or not, I got home, and realized I'd forgotten a few things. Along with first quality yarns, I also picked up some seconds, which is why some cones don't have ballbands, and why some is just wadded up looking. I can't wait to get into this, which I plan to do this afternoon!

Yes, this will take me a while to work up, but all the pretty colors make me so happy!

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Aura said...

Love your stash of cotton yarn. It's nice to have a nice supply like this available for the dishcloths.