Sunday, May 31, 2009

I learned... knit! Yes, knit.

At the suggestion of friendly folks on Ravelry, I went out and bought some circular needles. I found a size 8, bought some cotton yarn, and went to town on a stockinette stitch swatch. Since I can't stand to make a swatch with no purpose, I decided it would end up being a washcloth for either myself, or my daughter. It is vareigated pinks and white, so I'm thinking my husband won't take it to bathe with!

I'm excited to have finally figured it out. Now, on to a more complicated pattern. I'm trying to finish up my doily, and the Banana Split dress for my daughter before diving into a whole slew of new projects, but we'll see how that works out...

Did you notice the new gadget in the right sidebar? These are my 'in progress' knit and crochet projects, and it updates automatically as I update Ravelry (which I actually keep very current). I think it's a really cool feature, especially if someone orders something - they can watch the progress of their item(s)! As items are completed, they will come off my sidebar, and move into the flickr box below the in progress projects.

I'm bummed I can't post pictures right now, but will get one up of my washcloth as soon as I can.

Happy almost June!

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Chandra the Crazed Quilter said...

I am quite familiar with picking colors for projects so the finished item doesn't get stolen by the hubby. Be warned that it doesn't always work.

I finished an afghan I'd started yeeears ago. It was triple strand of two white one pink and it was going to be throw sizes. He said he liked it and would I please make it bed size. So I did and it is now on the bed. It's definitely not a loss but it means I still don't have a throw of my own in the living room. He and the dogs constantly claim all others. Good thing it's late June!