Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The quilt is basted, and I began to quilt it. Then, my brand new walking foot broke in the middle of the second seam. The short version of the story is the sewing machine shop is going to replace it (after some run-around), and I go to pick up the new and improved foot tomorrow. Yay!

I'll be posting pics this weekend of my new niece's afghan - I love it!

I've also begun a crochet dress for my daughter, and I'm hoping it's not about 4 sizes too big when I'm done :)

After frogging the two projects I did, I've tried to be really selective about what I work on, and am really trying to make progress. The new pattern book and knitting needles I bought last week don't help the avoidance of new projects much. Need I remind you that I don't know how to knit? I guess I think really cute patterns and new needles will suddenly give me some mad knitting skill. Or not. Maybe I just like to collect cute patterns.

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