Friday, July 17, 2009

Meet Ups and other stuffs

I attended my first ever crochet/knit meet up at a local coffee house. It was so much fun meeting others who share my love for yarn, needles, and hooks. I was afraid I'd be intimidated and be the only one who didn't know how to knit well, but that was not at all the case! The Knit Nuts were so welcoming, and I can't wait until the August meet up. While there, I shared the pink dress I recently completed for my daughter. Someone took a pic, and since I didn't have a camera, allowed me to share it :) I'll be adding ribbon to the two eyelet rows, but haven't taken the time to do so yet.
My awesome mom and dad got a new camera, and are letting us use their old one until we save up for a new one - how great is that?!? We actually are going to have a camera to take with us on vacation next week! No worries though, there will be no salt water waves for me to dunk the camera in.
Speaking of vacation, while we're away, I'm hoping to get several smaller projects started and completed. I'm really wanting to work on things for the hospital babies since I haven't donated in a while. I always take WAY to much yarn on vacation with me, and never even get 1/4 of it worked up. I also want to work on my daughter's Teddy Bear afghan. I'm letting it get the best of me, and continue to put it off thinking the yarn fairies will visit my house and complete it for me.
I'm also awaiting the arrival of a Knit Picks order which includes a set of circular knitting needles I'll be using to make a dress next month, and a smaller, but longer set of needles for me to attempt Magic Loop on. That way, I'll be able to knit tiny things in the round, which avoids both seams and knitting with 4 double pointed needles at the same time. 2 needles is enough for me, thankyouverymuch.

I hope to have lots of exciting progress and projects to share with you when I return from vacation. We'll be gone an entire week (Monday-Sunday), and I can't wait!


Jessica said...


Thanks for you sweet note on my blog today.

I loved looking at all your projects and this pink dress is adorable!


Anonymous said...

absolutely adorable dress! you have such a gift!